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Grandmaster Aiping Cheng has 50 years of experience training, competing, coaching, judging International competition, and teaching Chinese Martial Arts at the highest levels. In 1999, Grandmaster Cheng was awarded Top Level by the International Wushu Association, reserved for martial arts masters with at least 30 years of outstanding experience. In 2008, Grandmaster Cheng was recognized by the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association for her exceptional skill, knowledge, and teaching.

Grandmaster Cheng was selected to the elite Chinese National Wushu Team in 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1987, and 1988. The 1974 National Wushu Team made a historic world tour, demonstrating before world leaders, such as Queen Elizabeth II and President Richard Nixon. The international movie star Jet Li was one of Grandmaster Cheng’s teammates on the 1974, 1975, and 1979 national teams. Grandmaster Cheng was a member of the prestigious 16-member committee of experts that established the first Tai Chi competition standards.

Grandmaster Cheng (second row, far right) on the 16-member committee that established competition standards for Tai Chi.

The famous 1974 National Wushu Team that toured the world. Grandmaster Cheng is in the second row, second from left. Jet Li is in the front row, far right.

Grandmaster Cheng was born in 1955 in Hangzhou China. At the age of 15, she was selected to join the Zhejiang Province professional Wushu Team, and since then, her life has been dedicated full-time to practicing and teaching Chinese Martial Arts.

While training on the Zhejiang Wushu Team, Grandmaster Cheng demonstrated exceptional abilities in Tai Chi, and she was sent to train intensively with traditional Tai Chi masters. She has studied extensively with Li Tianji and Fu Zhongwen in Yang Style; Sun Jianyun in Sun style; and Chen Zhenglei in Chen style. Grandmaster Cheng is one of the few Chinese martial artists trained at an elite level in both contemporary wushu and traditional Tai Chi.  She is a three-time champion of the All-China National Taijichuan Championships.

Grandmaster Cheng training in Sun style Tai Chi with Sun Jianyun, daughter of Sun Lutang, the founder of the style.

Grandmaster Cheng’s historic Wushu and Tai Chi medals, including a medal from the President of the United States.

For ten years after her career as a competitor, Grandmaster Cheng was head coach of the Zhejiang Province professional Wushu Team and coached the team to many outstanding accomplishments, including Chinese, Asian, and World championships. She emigrated to the United States in 1996 on a “person of extraordinary ability” US visa. She opened the Aiping Tai Chi and Wushu Center in Orange Connecticut, where she taught for 23 years. Many of her American students have won international competitions in Tai Chi and Wushu. They have demonstrated in distinguished venues, including The United Nations, Yale University, Columbia University, and the Hangzhou International Wushu Competition. In 2017, she moved to Austin, Texas, and she now teaches Tai Chi classes in Austin and looks forward to sharing her Chinese heritage with Austinites.

Grandmaster Cheng along with students from her Connecticut school after a sucessful Tai Chi tournament.

Grandmaster Cheng with two of her disciples in Connecticut, Shifu Shirley Chock and Shifu Jonas Karosas.

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